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131,800+ Streams

250.12M TVL

What do people use Sablier for?

Handle your token vesting, payroll, airdrops, grants, and more with the Sablier Protocol. Recipients can track and withdraw the streamed funds at any time, without your continued involvement.


Forget quarterly unlocks: assets vest by the second when they are streamed. And you guessed it, cliffs are supported, too.


Set up streams for your entire team once, at the beginning of the year. Each employee will have access to their crypto earnings in real-time.


Keep your token community engaged by gradually streaming your airdrop instead distributing it all at once.


Align incentives with your grantees by streaming their grants.

Why Sablier

Flexible distribution

Sablier supports a host of distribution models: linear, linear with cliffs, unlock in steps, timelocks, or any other schedule you can dream up.

Groups of streams

Create streams in bulks with the ease of a button, saving time when paying your employees, investors, or community members.

NFT Hourglass

Every stream is represented as an ERC-721 NFT whose owner is the stream recipient. This makes Sablier composable with the DeFi ecosystem, as streams can be used as collateral in lending protocols such as NFTfi.


You are in complete control: no one other than you and your recipients manage the funds being streamed. Sablier is a decentralized and permissionless protocol.

Secure and audited

We have poured thousands of hours into building and testing the Sablier Protocol. Multiple security firms and independent auditors have reviewed the code.

Established in 2019

Sablier has been running on mainnet since 2019, with no incidents recorded. Tens of thousands of users all around the world have created over 100,000 streams across multiple chains. For your convenience, the historical user interfaces for Sablier V1 are available at the following links:

Sablier product illustration

Working with Sablier


Access the app and explore streams created across 9+ chains.

Use Sablier directly from your Safe multisig. Stream safely!

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Our smart contracts have been audited by top security researchers from Cantina, HYDN, Omniscia, and three other individual auditors.

Our code bases employ industry best practices and contain extensive test suites powered by Foundry



Read the docs and dive into the codebase. For integration requests, reach out on Discord.

Audited and secure

The Sablier Protocol is powered by state-of-the-art Ethereum smart contracts. With a track record that dates back to 2019, you can rest assured that your funds are safe in Sablier.

Blue-chip smart contract engineering

Our codebase is comprehensively documented, and is secured by an extensive testing suite.


Backed by the best





Introducing Airstreams: Vesting for Airdrops

Distribute your token the right way by vesting the airdrop. Airstreams are our state-of-the-art, all-in-one airdrop solution for ensuring community alignment, security, and ease of use. Upload a spreadsheet with your user data and be live on mainnet in less than 5 minutes. You are in the pilot seat.

Create an Airstream

Create an Airstream

Create an Airstream

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Airstream Item
Airstream Item
Airstream Item

Ready to get started?

The future of finance is here. Check it out now!

Are you an organization?

Token vesting, payroll, airdrops? Sablier is the perfect fit for DAOs, companies and organizations in web3.

Looking to talk shop?

Our team is here to assist you in your journey to setting up your first stream.

Is Sablier free to use?

Yes! Sablier is entirely free to use and it will remain so for the foreseeable future. Besides the blockchain's gas costs, there are no fees and there will never be any retroactive charges.